Mr Robot Injector APK Download Latest v2_v1.105.X for Android

V 2_V1.105.X
MR Robot is a Free Fire Injector that has many interesting features like aimbot, auto headshot, ESP hack and more for free.
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V 2_V1.105.X
Android 5 and Above
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You can never find a better application than Mr Robot Injector for game lovers who play combat and first-person shooting. It’s a gaming weapon designed to rival the biggest gaming weapons around. Inject this weapon into your game, and start throwing fire at your enemies. It helps you shoot 30 rounds per second in four different settings and through your desired ammunition.

Not only just firing at a blazing speed but also helping you to aim precisely by aiming the pistol at your enemy. Enjoying high-quality graphics, ESP names, ESP Color, and various other advanced features are also interesting in the app. Click the download button, download Mr Robot Injector APK, and start surprising your friends.

What is Mr Robot Injector?

Mr Robot Injector APK helps you shock your enemies through your elimination skills. You can fire 30 rounds per second using your favourite gun through the app. This injector injects the code to skyrocket your combat skills, killing, defending, and winning skills. It injects flying skills and enhances your drone view capacity and various others.

Above all, you can inject this injector in any combat or first-person shooter game. It unlocks all premium features of the game you are playing and enhances your fighting as well as gaming skills to make you a better player than before.

Features of Mr Robot Injector FF APK:

Mr Robot Injector is an all-in-one application to help players win combat quickly. Let’s view and discuss some of the most amazing features of this app.

Fire Bullets At blazing speed:

Through this app, you can take your enemy down in no time. Yes, this injecting script can enhance your firing bullet capacity to 30 bullets per second. Plus, it allows you to pick weapons from various varieties. Pick your favourite weapon, start firing at your enemies, and take them down.

Engaging Graphics:

The second most lured and interesting aspect of this game is its graphics. Through real-time 3D graphics, the Mr Reboot Injector will blow you off. It allows you to pick the graphics you like and set the environment.

ESP Name:

This section helps you take out hidden and most useful information about your enemies. It also makes you learn where you were and what you should do. You take hidden information like players’ health, hiding out, marching, and combat mechanisms.


It provides you with a list of hidden maps. You can explore those maps and find the hiding places of your enemies. Plus, the maps add a little variety to your gaming; you won’t be wandering off on the same map repeatedly.

Battle Effects:

The MR. Robot Injector makes you an unbeatable player. Through this, you can take your enemies down, enjoy respawn effects, fly, run on water, get a medical kit, get invisible vehicles, shoot while swimming, and dozens of similar battle effects.

Auto Aim Bot:

Elimination at aiming is what every first-person shooter loves. If you love that, get the right use of this feature through the Mr Robot Injector. It lets you kill anyone by just aiming at them in the game.

Unlock Skins in Mr Robot Mod FF:

For ML players, there is a special catch; through this injector, they can get access to Mobile Legends Skins. All skins get unlocked once you inject this script to enjoy the game to its full.

Our Experience with Mr Robot Injector:

Being a Garena Free Fire lover, I try many hacks and cheats which I have shared with you on our website. This time I found, Mr Robot APK which is a Free Fire Mod that has many interesting features for the users. You can avail of this app from our website and can easily access features like auto headshot, aimbot, aimkill, auto kill and ESP hacks. Furthermore, you can also get fly and wall hacks.

This injector worked fine for me and hopefully, it will work for you as well. Personally, I liked the auto headshot features in this app. There is also an extra feature that unlocks FF skins. If you are also a FF game lover and want extra features like this then you can download this app for free. Please keep in mind that this can harm your account, so always use it carefully. If you need a more safe injector then you can use the new Auto Headshot Panel APK.


If you love playing Mobile Legends and other first-person-shooting games, Mr Robot Injector will change your gaming experience. It makes you a pro player and helps you combat, defend, and become a pro in no time.

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