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v 1.01
Sloven Classmate is a simulation game where you can experience a school activities and much more for free.
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v 1.01
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If you love the simulation game genre, then you would love playing Sloven Classmate APK. Pixel Art has developed this game and it takes you to a realistic school simulation space. This game is loved and followed by millions of people, especially teens around the world. In this game, users can speak to the virtual characters, make relationships with them, and experience the true bond between them. Also, the characters can build romantic relationships and exchange pictures and texts on mobile phones.

In other words, this app takes teens of this genre to experience relationships and find deeper meaning in their relationships. The cordial relations between classmates in the virtual world can make players make true bonds in the real world. So, everyone in this game wants to build good relations with others.

What is Sloven Classmate APK?

Sloven Classmate APK is a virtual simulation game that makes players experience a simulation world on their mobile phones. In this game, there are dozens of virtual characters and players who build friendships and romantic relations with the other characters and get involved in various school activities. Moreover, each player is challenged with the social dynamics of their virtual schools and has to manage academics and extracurricular activities simultaneously.

Besides attending school class lessons, taking notes, and sitting in exams, the characters are also offered a wide range of activities like joining clubs, attending events, and contributing to the game’s overall progression. You can download the game from the above-given link and explore the 8-bit and 16-bit era of games for free.

Features of Sloven Classmate APK:

The new era of games is more focused on graphics and showcasing characters’ powers. In the old era, when the games revolved around a rich storyline, the happiness and fun of playing the games were at the next level. Sloven Classmate is one such game that reminisces the old era of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming but has a solid storyline and character-building to make you always attach to your mobile screen. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the features and explore some of the cool features of this game.

Pixel Art Graphics:

To make the game as appealing as the old games of 8-bit and 16-bit were, unique pixel art graphics are used in this game. That gives the characters of the game an in-depth design that makes this game as appealing and engaging as it is now.

Unique Storyline:

As I said, the entire concept of old games was a captivating storyline. The game is also about the storyline in this Sloven Classmate APK. Here, characters are provided with a strong storyline, and it all starts with a newly enrolled student, and the student is finding it hard to adapt to a new environment.

Wide range of activities:

It’s a simulation-based game on school activities. That does not mean everything is about schools and their activities. This game provides a wide range of activities, from academic to extracurricular activities, to make students create their characters for the outside world.

Build relationship:

As I said, the game provides a solid storyline to its characters. And that strong storyline is based on building relationships. From friendships to building romantic relationships, the game takes your relationship goals to the next level. Interact with other characters, communicate, chat, and navigate the sophistication of human psychology.

Our Experience with Sloven Classmate APK:

If you love to play simulation games and miss your old days of school then Sloven Classmate APK is perfect for you. We have downloaded and checked this app and it is really amazing to play on any Android phone. It has bundle of features that you are going to love. Moreover, while playing this game you will have the feeling that you are school kid. Apart from that, you will participate in ton of activities that are really addictive. So, it was a good experience to play this game on phone and we really liked it. Hopefully, you will also like this app. If you are looking for an alternative to this app then you can check out the Poke Abby Mod APK.

Final thoughts:

If you are fed up with playing fighting games, FPS games, running games, and others like that and looking into finding something as fresh as a morning breeze, then download the Sloven Classmate APK. The game takes you 30 years back into the gaming world where 8-bit and 16-bit games were famous everwhere. It takes you into the world of retro-style gaming and helps you stimulate a world of relationships. Moreover, you can build relationships with fellow students and explore an entirely different gaming ride. We hope you will like playing this game and enjoy all features for free.

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