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v 199
SKBA WhatsApp Modz is a WA mod that has many cool features for users. Just download the app and enjoy the amazing features.
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v 199
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Today, we have many social media platforms to connect with our distant loved ones. Everyone prefers their desired source in this regard. However, WhatsApp is recognized as the most secure instant messaging app due to its end-to-end encryption. That’s why billions of people use it regularly. But people also use the modified versions to get some extra features that are not handy in the official app. To illustrate, SKBA Modz WhatsApp is a prominent name in the list of WhatsApp MODs.

What is the purpose of SKBA Modz WhatsApp?

The root purpose and function of this alternative are as usual. Users share audio, videos, docs, text messaging, audio & video calling, and join groups. Yet, this variant is more flexible. You can make many changes to the app visually and functionally. It has various strict privacy options. In addition, your contacts get minimal information about your activities on WhatsApp. At the same time, you can send large media files, download status, read deleted messages, and pause online status.

Many controversies are swirling about the edited apps because they are not under the control of Meta. Critics argue that using these unofficial apps is not a sound strategy. Actually, your data may be at risk when it is stored on unknown servers. Anyway, millions of people have no fear and want to continue with the missing luxuries in the official version. Now they are habitual to WA Mods, like SKBA Modz & GT WhatsApp. There is a free download link on this page as a gift if you are looking for it.

Features of SKBA Modz WhatsApp:

Sending messages to new numbers is possible without saving them on the device. It is feasible when you don’t have to save a contact first. Similarly, you can also read a deleted message from one of your contacts. Many people install different tools to avail of this feature. But you don’t need a separate app since SKBA Mods retain it by default. If you don’t want someone to see your personal chats with a particular person, then hide it. Also, you get notifications when others change their profile pics.

  • Hide your last seen
  • Disable blue ticks
  • Disable double ticks
  • Download statuses
  • Send large media files
  • Share photos in bulk
  • Read deleted messages
  • Chat with unsaved no.
  • Track profile activities
  • No forward label
  • View removed statuses
  • Block unknown callers
  • Hide status view
  • Anti-ban mod
  • Auto response
  • Customize interface
  • Change themes

Hence, SKBA Modz WhatsApp promises enhanced features in terms of privacy and visual changes. Users can hide their activities on the app, but they can see what their contacts are doing. People die for such charming freebies. Therefore, they replace the official app with a suitably revised edition. You have read the specialties of SKBA WhatsApp. If you think it is a valuable service, download and use it now. Again, I want to remind you that it has no official connection to Meta.

Our Review on SKBA WhatsApp Modz:

Recently, GB Whatsapp was being under discussion on the internet because of some security issues with it. Based on the events in the past with mods for WhatsApp, I would say it is very harmful to use these kinds of mods. However, if you are using it just for experimental purposes then you can use SKBA WA Modz. We will recommend you use this app as a secondary Whatsapp to be on the safe side.


WhatsApp is a matchless social media app. You can connect with anyone globally. Indeed, this online platform minimizes distances between loved ones. If you have admiration for modified versions, then SKBA Modz WhatsApp is one choice. This review article clarifies all the concepts. Pros and cons are readable for everyone. So, decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Since it is a third-party app, enable the installation of non-official apps on your phone. Then, proceed smoothly.

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