Tembo Modz ML APK Download Latest v4.16 for Android

v 4.16
Tembo Mod MLBB is a mod menu for Mobile Legends that has premium features for free.
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v 4.16
Android 5 and Above
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If you love to play Mobile Legends or any online game, you know it becomes almost impossible to beat players with access to premium tools. Those premium tools make a big difference, and those who lack access to these premium tools simply can’t win. To help those players, there comes Tembo Modz ML APK.

Tembo Mod helps players to enjoy a balanced competition. No, players with no premium access would not have to leave the game. Before that, they knew the premium access to the tools wouldn’t let them win, so they left the game. Through this tool, they can compete with any pro players and make them face consistent shame.

What is Tembo Modz ML APK?

Tembo Modz is a modded application that helps players unlock the premium features of Mobile Legends. With that, players can now compete with pro players, and experienced players and give them a tough battle. With just one tap, you can unlock all premium features without paying a single penny.

The app is very helpful for beginner players. Before that, the competitive gameplay of the Mobile Legends never let them even breathe in the game. But now, they can boost their performance in the game, learn how to fight, and even compete fairly with the pro players. Download this app from the given download link, and start behind like a pro player with all premium access.

Features of New Tembo Modz:

Tembo Mod has many interesting features that people love to test out. Some of the powerful benefits of this app are described below for your assistance. Hope you will like these features.

Unlock Skins:

Skins make your character look appealing. Some skins come with the power to help you have an edge over other characters or players. Even though many skins don’t have special abilities and powers, they still are important. They make your players look stunning and give them a psychological edge over others. Through this mod menu, one can easily unlock all premium skin and décor the character with the one they like.

Menu ESP:

What if you get hidden information about your enemies? What if you could trace their location, learn their movement, charging, and hidden locations? You surely can use that information to eliminate them. That’s what ESP does for you; it helps you locate players. It marks the enemies red to help you learn their location.

Furthermore, you can learn their distance, health, medical box, players’ line, firing lines, etc. This all happens with just one tap of your finger; you will download it through this application.

Battle Hacks:

With tons of battle hack features, the New Tembo Modz ML will make you the font leading player of the game. It provides features such as Auto Aim lock to help you easily lock your enemies for elimination. You can enjoy Aim Fire without missing a bullet or opening fire at your enemies. The same happens with Auto sword fusion, target priority, advanced weapons, advanced health, and other features.

Personalized Maps:

Maps are the key feature in any MOBA game. If you get the map in ML, you can also learn your enemy’s location, charging, and advancement. With this mod APK, you can unlock advanced Maps and follow them for elimination.

Helps Access all Premium Features:

This APK provides you access to a wide range of premium features. You can have as many golds, diamonds, and coins as you like and spend them on anything. In the same way, it helps to have access to the drone to have a zoomed image of the drone camera to learn your enemy’s location and various other things.

Our Review on the New Tembo Modz 2023:

In this section, we will review this app for you and will share some of the pros and cons of this mod menu. We have tested this mod menu on our Android device and it seems it is bug-free and working properly. You can enjoy features like unlock all skins, battle hacks, effects, maps and more without any trouble. Moreover, there is support for the ML drone view option which makes your visibility clearer. On the other hand, there are some cons of this app as well which include irregular updates and the risk of getting banned from MLBB. So, if you do not want to take some risks then do not use your main account with this app. Alternatively, you can try other apps like Melki Modz to explore similar features.


In a nutshell, I can say that Tembo Modz ML APK is one of the most useful tools for ML players. It helps you spend a little more time on the battlefield as a beginner. And helps you win wars if you are experienced but need more pro features access. You can download it, install it on your phone, and enjoy success.

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