Melki Modz ML APK Download Latest v1.8 for Android

v 1.8
Melki Mod is a ML mod menu that has many premium features like drone views, skins, emotes and more for free.
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Melki Modder
155 MB
v 1.8
Android 5 and Above
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If you love playing ML but can’t stand on the battlefield due to a lack of experience and resources, use Melki Modz APK. It’s a modded version of the original game, incorporates all the features of ML, but unlocks the premium features access. In other words, you get access to premium features that you would pay for otherwise.

Not only it unlocks the premium features, but it captivates you with its user experience, graphics, and themes. It’s easier to navigate than the original game, allows customization, and collaboration with other players, and promotes social interaction. Download the game from the given link, and rank your ML levels among your friends.

What is Melki Modz?

Melki Modz is a modded version of Mobile Legends, one of the best battle Arena Games. This game, just like any other modded app, unlocks all premium features of the game. And makes the game more interesting, engaging, and graphically appealing.

The biggest reason ML players get access to this Modz APK is free skin access. It allows players to get premium skin access and adore their character with the looks they deserve. Furthermore, it provides you with many premium features that will surely increase your chances of standing in the battle arena alive for a long time.

Features of Melki Modz APK:

Melki Mod is one of the best-modded apps for MLBB players. It offers a variety of features to make their gaming experience smoother and error-free. These are some prominent features, have a look.

Unlocks Premium Skin:

Premium skins are one of the most used and sought-after features for ML players—those who can’t get access to those skins always long for them, for their characters. With Melki Modz APK, one can get access to all premium skins listed in the game. No need to pay a single penny; tap on the skin you like, and there you are with that skin.

Multiple Drone View:

The drone view feature helps a player get a better picture of what’s happening. It’s more like standing on an elevated place or object and looking at the two armies fighting against each other. Plus, the zoom feature of the Drone view helps you zoom in on any area of the battlefield and check what’s happening.

Auto Kill:

It’s almost impossible for new players to take even the clearest shot. This feature helps players take headshots; no need to get confused; aim the gun at your enemy and let the app take the headshots. One bullet, one-person rules apply here.

Player ESP Line:

This feature helps you to get access to hidden information of the player. Your enemy’s health, hiding outs, marching, and various other hidden information that, by default, you can’t get access to. You can get all the right benefits of that info through this now.

Melki Mod Protection:

For a beginner, staying protected for too long in the game is hard. But this app protects you from other players, their damages, and their attacks. You can get extra protection and remove the block-banned device and block ID report.


Customization is no doubt one of the finest features one can enjoy through this app. That allows you to set the background wallpaper as per your choice, music, and many other things. You require no login or registration; it’s free to use and download an application. You won’t see any ads over there, suffer no ban, and above all, it’s easier to use than any other app.

Our Experience with Melki Modz:

Melki Modz is a new ML mod menu in the market for the noob users. It has many interesting features for you like drone views, effects and unlocked skins in MLBB. I have tested this app on my device and many of the features in this app work really well and can improve your rank. However, there are some features that are still under development which means that do not work all the time. Though the owner of this mod says it is antiban I will recommend you to use this mod with some safety precautions. I suggest you use a secondary account with this mod, so, if it gets banned your main account will not be affected. Furthermore, if you need a more safe mod like this then you can also check Sary Modz.


Melki Modz APK is a modded ML game to help players get access to premium features for free. Plus, it makes the gaming experience smoother, more engaging, and graphically appealing. It provides lots of premium features to make you a better player than before.

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