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Poke Abby is an amazing game that you can play on your Android devices for free. Download the APK file and install it to play the game on your phone.
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Poke Abby
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Android 5 and Above
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Poke Abby is a simple, comprehensive, and extremely addictive game. Its 3D gameplay features comic content that is more suitable for adults. So, it belongs to the NSFW category and is not for kids. The story begins from the virtual place, Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings. Here, many students are discovering their talents in the great hall. Yet, one of the female students, Abby, goes down to explore different classrooms in the building. You play the role of a ghost who keeps students away from trouble. Hence, you can do strange things with that girl.

Customize her body, dress, skin color, and several other factors. Moreover, the players can build romantic relations by seducing her. She learns potions, magic & spells on this tour. Still, all this is not a piece of cake. The players earn in-game points by completing tasks. It helps them win her heart. As a result, you get her attention and then build a physical relationship. It is the point where you observe several nude scenes. If you are comfortable with the story, then download & install the Poke Abby APK. It is a popular Android game in 2022 among adults.

Why Poke Abby APK?

Initially, it was available only for PC users. But this Android edition is taking the internet by storm. I hope, you understand the main theme. As a ghost, you act as a watcher. You keep an eye on Abby to save her from dangers, set romantic relations, and keep moving. Similarly, you can edit several things in the gameplay using in-game items. Here is a summary of its interactive features.

Special Features of Poke Abby:

  • An interactive adult game for Android OS.
  • It features 3D animations & cartoony roles.
  • Poke Abby has admirable visuals & story.
  • You can do anything with the girl, Abby.
  • Apply different filters & dresses for her.
  • Also, you can poke & rub on her body.
  • It is one of the ranked games.
  • Likewise, it is an ad-free game.
  • Download & play Poke Abby for free.
  • You do not need any registration or verification.

At the same time, Poke Abby APK is not on the Play Store. That’s why we are not sure about its safety. This version is fully revised, but the owners keep it updated with time. In addition, it is for a specific age group. Some players find it uninteresting due to repeated sensual scenes and lesser missions. If you still love playing this genre, you are free to use this third-party app on your phone. If you play other games like Elden Ring then you can find a mod for it on our website for free.


Controls and mechanics are easy to understand. For this, you get visual buttons on the screen. To download the Poke Abby APK, click the link on this page and save the file. Then, install it as an unofficial app. You are ready to start it ultimately. Customize the main character as you wish. Also, make contact with her without any restrictions. Since it is a cracked edition, you will get some freebies. Anyway, it is not perfect for you if you are not inclined toward 18+ video games. No doubt, it has an impact on young minds. Still, it is open to everyone.

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