Kali NetHunter APK Download For Android (Without Root)

Kali NetHunter is a pen-testing tool by Kali Linux for Android devices. You can download it from here for free because it is open source.
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Kali Linux NetHunter
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You are well aware of cyber-attacks & hackers in this modern era. Personal & business data in smartphones & desktops are at risk if you don’t have a fierce security system. For this, penetration testing is a fab technique to evaluate the weaknesses of your system. Experts apply the same tools & tricks of hackers in this test. As a result, all the weak points & vulnerabilities become visible. Likewise, Kali NetHunter is a mobile penetration testing platform for Androids. It is free and open-source software (FOSS), especially for Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and One Plus.

This utility can assess and audit your networks thoroughly. Hence, users consider it legitimate software to make their system security unbreakable. That’s why it is famous worldwide. Its flexible features and functions make your system resistant to external attacks. Also, it works on both rooted and un-rooted devices. The developers have released several editions till now. This new and updated version is far better than ever. Do you want to run a pen test on your phone with a wireless source? If yes, then Kali NetHunter APK is yours. Download & install it now for free.

Why to use Kali NetHunter (No Root)?

You can run Kali Net Hunter APK software on several Android devices. Yet, the inbuilt antivirus of your phone may detect it as malware. It is a third-party source, after all. However, users have not observed any harmful effects or dangers. Its working style makes it a unique & valuable tool. At the same time, it is more suitable for a selected group of Androids. It includes, OnePlus, Samsung, Nexus, ZTE, and Gemini. But you can also use it for others. This Kali Linux product lets you explore the following options. Each one has different services making the app a superb pen test software.

Features of Kali Nethunter APK:

  • Kali Chroot Manager
  • Kali Services
  • Custom Commands
  • MAC Changer
  • KeX Manager
  • USB Arsenal
  • HID Attacks
  • DuckHunter HID
  • BadUSB MITM Attack
  • MANA Wireless Toolkit
  • Bluetooth Arsenal
  • Social Engineer Toolkit
  • MITM Framework
  • NMap Scan
  • Metasploit Payload
  • Searchsploit
  • An Inbuilt App Store
  • Third-Party Android apps

Kali NetHunter App Store is an additional benefit for its users. Its free apps & tools can enhance the effectiveness of penetration tests. Besides it, the app is easy to install & launch. You can visit the official website to understand it deeply. Anyway, activate the permission of the unknown sources to make it functional on your phone. Finally, open the app and visit the NetHunter App Store. Install the essential apps & tools, like Hacker Keyboard App, from it. Likewise, set up the custom commands, configure Kali Services, and initialize the Exploit Database in the last.


Hence, Kali NetHunter is easy to set up on your device. The home screen gives you access to all its core functions. Do not get confused with its different editions since each one works differently. NetHunter Rootless, NetHunter Lite, and Kali NetHunter have specific features. These utilities are for those working on networks and want to keep their systems safer from cyber attacks. It is free to use, and you don’t need a license to own this mobile penetration testing platform. Many users have evaluated the security of their devices using the Kali Linux Net Hunter APK. You can also avail of it.

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