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Choox TV ML APK is a app for Mobile Legend users that is inspired from the Youtube channel of ChoOx TV ML.
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Mobile Legends Bang Bang has become such a hugely popular battle royal game that even the players streaming playing the matches, have become social media sensations. Take the example of the ChooxTV channel guy. This Philippine guy started streaming ML games, matches, and competitions and at the time of writing this, accumulated around 6.7 million followers. So, today’s app is related to this youtube channel and it is famous with the name Choox TV ML APK.

If you love playing and streaming ML games, and competition, I don’t think you should miss the chance to download this app. Choox TV APK in a form of an application accumulates all the videos under one roof and helps you watch anything, anytime you like. Anytime whenever the creator makes a video or announces anything, you will get a notification to watch the video right away.

What is Choox TV ML APK?

Choox TV ML is an application that accumulates all the informational videos, and gameplay mechanics videos of YouTube Channel ChooxTV. If you love playing Mobile Legends and looking for a platform that helps you overplay other players, this application can help.

It’s not just a streaming platform. Yes, the content creator streams MLBB matches and tournaments, but it also provides informational videos. It provides detailed video tutorials regarding how to make a perfect strategy, or how to play MLBB matches.

Features of Choox TV ML APK?

Choox TV ML is a one-stop shop for people who have just started playing MLBB. This platform provides information regarding matches, tournaments, and strategies, to help players become better MLBB players. These are some amazing features of this application, don’t forget it’s a replica of a YouTube Channel with the same name.

Live MLBB Matches Broadcast:

If you want to witness how pro players make their strategies to win the game, ChoOx TV ML APK gives you a chance. You can watch live MLBB matches here, and see from your own eyes, how to eliminate your opponent.

It’s not just live matches, but competition, international tournaments, and other tournaments you can watch. And polish your gaming skills, and become a better player than before.

Educational Video Tutorials:

‘The devil is in the details’ and if you want to learn anything, look at the details. The same applies to playing MLBB. If you want to learn the details of how to eliminate your opponent in the arena, this application provides you with that too. Here, it makes a separate section, this section focuses on education, providing you the chance to learn how to make strategies, how to choose champions, build squads, skills, and tactics.

Latest News:

You know that the officials don’t announce the updates. But here through the app, you can learn the latest developments and know the upcoming updates or already released updates in detail. If the updates have already arrived, the application discusses in detail, the pros and cons of that update.

MLBB community:

Over the app, there is a community. All experienced players and pro players have gathered this community and discussed the game and its different sides. If you too want to behold that discussion, the app is there to help you join the community.

Tournament Schedules:

Well, you never know who is playing against who and when if you have not installed this app. This application lets you know about the big tournament schedules. Moreover, also about players competing against each other, and the owner matches too.

Our Review on Choox TV ML:

Choox TV ML APK has lots of unique features for the users of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. We really liked the free diamonds features on this app. Moreover, you can get all the skins, and heroes just like Reborn Imoba 2023. Moreover, you can also get access to tutorials, the latest news, MLBB matches broadcast and more without any trouble in this app. However, The UI of this app needs improvement and can be made more user-friendly.


If you feel like there must be someone who holds your hands and make you learn every inch and detail about the MLBB. This Choox TV ML APK that hand provides you with the information you should know before you compete with someone. It not only educates you but in real time showcases how to eliminate others and become the sole survivor of the game.

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