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v 1.2

Chat GPT by OpenAI is a mindblowing app that will help you solve many of your problems with AI.
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v 1.2
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Artificial Intelligence is proving its value in every field of science. Various companies & scientists are working to benefit the individuals. In fact, they want to create helpful tools that can revolutionize our daily lives. For example, AI-based chatbots are fashionable nowadays. People can converse with these bots on different topics. It is valuable for the alone folks. Similarly, Chat GPT APK is the newest and most viral one in this day & age. OpenAI releases this text-based AI tool before the start of Dec 2022.

Why to use Chat GPT?

No doubt, plenty of software is already working to make your writing flawless. Quillbot is a good example in this regard. This software makes your short or lengthy essays accurate, and to the point. Yet, ChatGPT is used for communication as you do with humans. You can ask questions, listen to jokes, share problems, and discuss your daily life issues with it. It usually responds the way you expect from a buddy. Users have shared their experiences on social media regarding this unique chatting application.

Functions of OpenAI Chat GPT APK:

OpenAI is a San Francisco-based company that owns this language generation project. They have the cooperation of Microsoft, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Honestly, this tool generates better text than ever and answers your questions perfectly. Although it behaves strangely at times, the owners are regularly improving it. Now, it offers the following services and functions.

Salient Features of ChatGPT APK:

Here are some of the best features that can be offered by this amazing software.

  • ChatGPT is a text-based AI tool that converses in the dialogue format.
  • It is equally beneficial for students, social media influencers, and others.
  • Moreover, it rejects inappropriate and vulgar questions or discussions.
  • Users can get a detailed response just like they do with their fellows.
  • It is an advanced and friendly chatbot you can use online.
  • Also, this GPT-powered AI assistant is getting global acceptance.
  • Its replying speed is appreciable. Actually, it answers quickly & correctly.
  • Likewise, Chat GPT is easy to understand for everyone.
  • Above all, it is free to use without limitations. Chat as much as you want.
  • It response dynamically owing to the Reinforcement Learning Method.
  • Even you can ask about chess, poker, and brainy games.
  • Hence, the app responds to everything, like daily life, tech, education, etc.

Today, we interact with hundreds of people on social media, in workplaces, and in markets. But very few are our sincere friends. It is a dark side that despite the billions of people in the world, many of us feel alone. During Covid-19, the use of chatting apps increased multiple folds. Since then, scientists have been working on artificial intelligence for the desperate and lonely masses.


The OpenAI Chat GPT has a few limitations despite its A1 qualities and features. After all, it is a manmade artificial platform. Actually, its owners tell in a blog post that the app may suggest some harmful or incorrect instructions and answers to your queries. This biased behavior is not acceptable. Therefore, they are working to fix this issue. Still, it is rare. Thousands of people have tested it and found it a superb platform. If you want to use its free Android application, then download it from this page. It is free to use without any subscription plan. You will enjoy healthy talks.

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