PUBG Mod Menu 2024 APK Download Latest v3.3.0 for Android

v 3.3.0
PUBG Mod Menu is a great hack for PUBG Mobile game and it offers good features like headshot, wallhack, ESP Hack, and more.
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v 3.3.0
Android 5 and Above
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PUBG: Battlegrounds is a top Battle Royale game owing to its entertaining gameplay and realistic graphics. Mobile gamers easily get addicted to its unending thrilling battles. However, this game works on the freemium model. It means everyone can download & start it at zero cost. But it is only enjoyable if you buy in-game items using virtual currency, Unknown’s Cash (UCs). Honestly, millions of users spend real money to feel the true essence of this action story. At the same time, many gamers consider PUBG Mod Menu an alternative to the original pricey gameplay.

It is the same thing as the Free Fire Mod Menu. Yes! Mod menus aim to unlock relevant gaming stuff by bypassing the payment processes. A PUBG mod menu is an altered version of the game that adds several fresh features and settings. In actuality, these amenities are only accessible through the purchase of a premium membership in the original game. So, people use it to unfairly advantage themselves over other players, which makes it simpler to win games and advance through the game.

Features of PUBG Mod Menu:

PUBG Mod Menu offers lots of cool features for its users. Some of the astonishing features are given below.

  • Unlock Characters
  • Unlock All ESPs
  • Silent AIMBOT
  • Bullet Tracking
  • Use Aim Lock
  • Headshot
  • No Recoil
  • 360 View
  • Wallhack
  • God Mode
  • No Fog, No Grass
  • Small Crosshair
  • Black Body
  • Multiple Maps
  • Unlimited Health
  • In-game Currency
  • Custom Options
  • Voice Chat
  • Working Mod Menu
  • No Purchases
  • Anti-Ban
  • Get UCs and Coins
  • Free In-game Shopping
  • Anti-cheat Bypass
  • Free to Download
  • For Androids Only

The ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hack is one of the most well-liked options in PUBG mod menus. The ability to view other players, weaponry, and loot places on the map gives you a distinct advantage over your rivals. Likewise, aim hacks are another option that automatically aims at enemies, making it much simpler to take them out. It finally takes you to victory point.

This mod also includes premium skins for heroes and weapons, which is an awesome feature. These skins may cost a lot of money in the original game, but the revised edition gives them out for free. Access to additional extras like infinite money, unlimited health, and unlimited ammo can make the game simpler and more pleasant. These offerings seem interesting and reasonable.

Is PUBG Mod Menu Safe?

This PUBG mod asserts that it is anti-ban. This feature ensures that players will not be banned from the game for using cheats, which is a common issue with other mod menus available in the market. However, it is crucial to remember that using unofficial or hacked games is illegal and goes against the game’s terms of service.

In reality, it could frustrate and disappoint other gamers by destroying their gaming experience. Hence gamers use it at the n peril as well. The developer suggests against using the main ID. Please remember these instructions, otherwise, your device and account will be blocked by the game owners. Use a VPN for a safer journey.

Our review on PUBG Mod APK:

Are you a person, who is tired of losing the game so early and never celebrated a chicken dinner? If your answer is yes, then this PUBG Mod Menu is for you. You can use this app to get an auto headshot, aim assist, wallhack, free UCs, aim kill and more without spending any money. Our team has tested this amazing app on our phones and it worked really fine and never crashes. Apart from getting headshots, you can also turn the option to auto-kill your enemies. After enabling this feature, you can kill your enemies without even doing anything. However, using this app on your main gaming account is not safe. So, we will recommend you use a secondary account for this purpose. Furthermore, you can also use PUBG Hack which seems more secure.


Finally, PUBG Mod Menu offers a variety of fun features and possibilities but use it responsibly. It is always ideal to play the game fairly and take pleasure in the challenges and excitement it gives. Anyway, based on reviews and comments, this modded version has one of the best updates. Additionally, there have been improvements to the menus, options, and customization. Get it free of cost if you are crazy about it.

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