Pikachu Patcher APK Download Latest Version v2.6 For Android

v 2.6
New Pikachu Patcher is a good injector for getting the drone views, effects, emotes, backgrounds, skins and much more in MLBB.
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February 25, 2022
10 MB
v 2.6
Android 5 and Above
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Hello guys, we are glad to see you here again. In today’s post, we are going to share a new Injector app with you that you are going to love the most. We usually share apps like this that help you in your gameplay like patchers, injectors, modz and config tools which is very hard to find on the internet. Today’s injector APK is a new injector popular with the name “Pikachu Patcher“. We have provided the download link for this app at the beginning of this page that you can use for getting this app but it will be good for you if you also read the useful information given on this page.

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What is Pikachu Patcher?

Pikachu Patcher is an injector app for MLBB developed by Papskie. This app help users get the drone view, battle hacks, emotes, effects and much more for free. It is created with the inspiration of the New IMoba by BangMamet and N.I.X Injecto by Lansord NIX. By the way, we have already shared these apps with you, just check those because they are mind-blowing apps for ML hacking. It is a good injector app that also supports Android 11. Moreover, this injector gives a lot of premium MLBB skins for free that you can test on your gameplay. This app has a lot of cool features that you can test for free, just look at the features mentioned below.

Features of Pikachu Patcher:

These are some of the unique features that this app provides but these may change with the new updates (Pikachu Patcher v2.4).

Unlock All ML Skins

  • Contain all skins that contain costumes fir Fighter, MM, Tank, Assasin, Support, Mage and more.
  • Also have anime skins that contain all customized and anime skins.


  • More custom backgrounds for lobby, profile, and load.
  • Musics coming soon.
  • In Splash, there are custom MLBB intros.


  • Can unlock all battle emotes.
  • Injectable RRQ, Onic, Geek, Evos, Aura, Alter Ego, Genflix, Bren and many other.


  • It can unlock all recalls in MLBB like seal of anvil, party king, lightborn, stun and much more.
  • In Spawn, users can unlock the Evos, Sword Arrival, Chou thunder and much more.
  • Eliminition where you can unlock K.O, Stun, Super and more eleminations.

Game cheats

  • Top Global
  • Can enable ultra graphic mode.
  • Get the Auto Mythic.
  • Enable the Enemy Lag.
  • Android 11 Support enable.

Drone Views

  • Original view
  • Contain 1×2, 2×3 till 9X10.
  • It work on all maps.
  • Also contain 3D view.

General Features

  • It is easy to use and contain all the thing required.
  • It is bug free and fast.
  • Support Android 11.
  • It has simple and easy interface.
  • No advertisements.

Our review on the Pikachu Injector:

This is a good patcher after the successful Papskie Injector by the developer. We think Pikachu is a new injector and there is room for improvements and we hope they will fix the issues in the coming updates. Overall, it works fine on all devices and also supports Android 11. Moreover, we liked that this app contains all the skins including anime skins. It was also surprising to see many emotes and effects. So, we recommend you test this app out, hope you will also like this app.

However, before using this please keep some precautions in your mind that this may harm your real gaming account and it may get banned. So, we always recommend our users use a new account to experience the features it provides. You can download the safe and secure APK of Pickachu Injector from the link above. There is no password in this version, just download and enjoy.

How to use Pikachu Patcher?

If you are new to using this kind of injector then don’t worry because using them is very easy. Just follow the steps we have provided below and wait for good results.

  1. First of all, you should have the latest APK file and install it on your phone.
  2. After that, open the app and type your nick name.
  3. Now, a screen will appear showing all the available options.
  4. Just click the required thing you need and press inject to get the feature.
  5. Hope, after the successful injection you will find the things in the game.

In conclusion, we think the New Pikachu Patcher is a good injector for getting the drone views, effects, emotes, backgrounds, skins and much more in MLBB. You can download this APK file from the link above and enjoy the cool features mentioned above. Hope you will enjoy the app and please try to share our work with your friends and fans. Thanks for visiting us and keep visiting for more apps like this.

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