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v 3.2.3
ML Background Changer is an Android app that lets users change and customize the background in MLBB for free.
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v 3.2.3
Android 5 and Above
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has captivated millions of gamers worldwide with its engaging gameplay and engaging graphics. However, the monotony of the visuals can sometimes make the experience less exciting. Enter ML Background Changer No Ban APK, a game-changing app with various customization options to enhance your MLB experience. 

Download ML Background Changer APK to customize your graphics just how you want, and make your gaming experience spellbound. The app helps you customize every inch of your game, and engage other players with those graphics.

What is an ML Background Changer APK?

ML Background Changer APK is a revolutionary application designed to elevate the customization and visual aspects of Mobile Legends. Unlike other applications that charge diamonds or real money for similar services, this provides a cost-effective solution to personalize your MLB experience. With the app’s user-friendly interface, you can easily modify the visuals of various screens within the game.

Features of ML Background Changer APK:

You see, for cheating and getting in-app items, there are many apps around there. But for the graphics, there are very few. This will help you do that without any issues. Let’s have a view of some prominent features of the app.

Loading Screen Customization:

The default loading screen can become repetitive over time. ML Background Changer APK empowers you to break this monotony by offering diverse loading screen visuals. Choose from various alternatives that suit your style and preferences, ensuring that each loading screen brings a fresh and exciting touch to your gaming sessions.

Main Screen Graphics:

Transform the heart of your MLBB experience – the main screen – with the help of this app. Say goodbye to the same old graphics and welcome a new level of personalization. From captivating landscapes to stunning artwork, the app provides a variety of choices to reflect your taste and aesthetic.

Common Screen Customization:

When other players catch a glimpse of your screen during gameplay, make sure it leaves an impression. It lets you showcase your unique style by incorporating eye-catching graphics or striking visuals on the common screen. Let your opponents and teammates alike admire your distinctive flair.

Control Screen loading:

Take control of your gaming experience down to the finest details. With MLBB BG Changer APK, you can edit the control screen to align with your preferences. Whether repositioning buttons or optimizing the layout, this feature ensures a comfortable and efficient gaming interface.

ML Background Changer has a variety of Graphics:

The app offers an extensive library of images, including stunning depictions of characters and the ML Battlefield. With over two dozen images, you’ll be free to choose visuals that resonate most with you, adding a personal touch to your gaming environment.

Seamless Navigation Menu:

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive menu design, Navigating the app is a breeze. Whether you’re a tech-savvy gamer or new to customization apps, you’ll find the ML Background Changer APK interface straightforward and hassle-free.

Easy Image Downloading:

Downloading and applying graphics is as easy as a few taps. This app streamlines the process of acquiring images, allowing you to effortlessly set them as your preferred backgrounds for different screens within the game.

Our Review on ML Background Changer APK:

Mobile Legends Background Changer APK is a great app that has the ability to change your ML backgrounds with just a click. We have been using this amazing app for more than a year now and it works perfectly. Moreover, with this tool, you can change the common screen, intro, main screen and loading screen graphics without any trouble. Furthermore, it has no ban feature which makes it even more interesting for MLBB users. Previously, we have also shared ATA MLBG Changer with you which has similar features and was a secure app. You can use that as well if you want any alternative for this app. Overall, we would say this is an amazing app and you should try it once.


In a world with few options for MLBB game customization without needing in-app purchases, ML Background Changer APK stands out as a valuable resource for MLBB players. It empowers players to refresh their gaming experience with enhanced visuals, all within a user-friendly platform that promotes personalization without spending any real money.

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