KIPAS Guys APK Free Download v0.69 for Android

v 0.69
Kipas Guys is a hack for Stumble Guys users that help them to unlock skins, emotes, unlimited money and more for free.
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Kipas Guys
169 MB
v 0.69
Android 5 and Above
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If you liked playing Stumble Guys APK but are fed up with the same gameplay and limited features, try KIPAS Guys APK. This is a modded game app with multiplayer features and access to premium features. This latest version comes with a range of improved and advanced features. Moreover, it allows access to locked skins, emotes, maps, and other premium features. If you are into experiencing the same Stumble Guys gameplay along with enhanced features and functionality, download the APK file and enjoy the limitless freedom.

What is KIPAS Guys APK?

KIPAS Guys APK is a modified version of Stumble Guys that has extra features. The developer adds a tremendous range of features in this modded version, including premium access to unlocked items, improved graphics, and limitless fun. Here, the player would also be avoiding obstacles and the gameplay will be even more interesting. But features are improved, and premium access is provided. Moreover, this mod menu allows players to modify the game, such as changing the speed, jumping higher, and staying on the dash for longer.

Features of KIPAS Guys APK:

Stumble Guys is one of the most fun-pounding games. The game allows 32 participants to come online and compete. It’s an easy-to-play game but challenging to master. As you advance in the game, the difficulty level, as well as the thrill, expands. Let’s have some of the most dominating features of the modded version of the Stumble Guys APK.

Unlocked Features:

When you play Stumble Guys, you see there are features you can’t access. These features are premium, and you pay to get access to those features. However, in this modded version, those features are made available for you. You see them unlocked and easily get access to skins, effects and more for free.

Unlimited Money:

You can access unlimited money, diamonds, and gold through this mod menu version. Through the coins, you can buy anything in the game. For example, skins, emotes, maps, footsteps, and dash. Moreover, you can get Battle Royal passed and the premium features added to the game.

Unlocked Skins:

Skins are an essential part of any game. In the Stumble Guys APK, too, there are some unique skins. These skins are helpful to pressure your opponents; with those skins, they will know you are a legendary player with some extraordinary powers. You can purchase the skins from the game, but what if you don’t have money? The KIPAS Guys have made the skins available for you in the game for free.

Unlocked Emotes:

Emotes help you interact with other players or opponents. There are a few very powerful emotes; if a player gets access to those emotes, his gameplay can upgrade. This mod menu of the game provides those emotes and provides you with an extra benefit to knock out other players in no time.

Game Customization:

The modded allows you to customize the game as well. It makes you change the speed settings and go to the speed as high as you like in the game to win. In the same way, you can customize the flying height, too, and stay on the dash. You can run faster, jump higher and greater distances, and avoid a few obstacles that you think come in your way of victory.


Unlike the other mod version, this version does not display any ads. That means your gaming experience won’t be disturbed.

My Review on Kipas Guys Mod Menu:

Kipas Guys is a great mod menu, I have seen till now. Users of Stumble Guys can easily get features that previously they had to purchase. If you are a Stumble Guys player and do not want to waste your money on in-app purchases then you can download the latest version of this mod APK. I really liked the mod menu because it offers features like unlock skins, emotes and effects. Moreover, the good thing about this app is that it works all the time and gets updated with every change in the original app. So, I will recommend this amazing app to you. I hope you will like the features. Moreover, you can also visit the Stumble Guys Beta MOD APK to get more features like this in the beta versions of Stumble Guys.

Final thoughts:

If you loved playing Stumble Guys, but its restrictions and locked features put you in disarray, download KIPAS Guys APK. It’s a modified version of the same game with unlocked premium features and a customization option. Hopefully, you will like the amazing features it offers for you.

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