GTA 5 2.0 APK Download Latest Version 2024 for Android

v 2.0
GTA V 2.0 is a popular PC game that you can now play on your phone for free.
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Rockstar Games
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v 2.0
Android 5 and Above
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If you claim yourself a gamer, I can’t imagine you saying ‘I didn’t play GTA Vice City’. One of the hugely popular PC games has been released for smartphones too. Since the time, smartphones games got attention, Rockstar Games developers we trying hard to make the game available for smartphones. But, due to the huge maps, data, graphics, and various other reasons, they were not ready. Even when the game was released five years back, the developers said, they were not successful in replicating the same PC game experience on the smartphone. GTA 5 2.0 APK replicates the same PC game experience with its latest version. All the loopholes have been fixed, graphics quality is as par the PC level, and you will get everything just like your GTA V PC Game, but now on your smartphone.

What is GTA 5 2.0 APK?

GTA is one of the hugely popular PC games, now made available to be played on smartphones. If you wish to enjoy the same desktop GTA V gaming experience on your phone, get ready, and download the GTA V 2.0 APK from the given link.

The game is huge, due to its graphics, maps, and data. You will have a GAGA time over there, surely going to dedicate a lot of time to exploring every inch and detail of the game. You got complete freedom, just like the way you had on your PC. Fight with the law enforcement authorities, as well as the local gangs, and let the inner fighter within you be showcased before the world.

Features of GTA V 2.0 APK:

You get all the features of the GTA V PC Version, with the smartphone version too. Let’s see some of the most prominent features, we can’t mention all, but the most important ones.


Weapons are important not only for real wars but for online gaming wars too. In the GTA V APK too, you need a load of weapons to combat criminals, local gangs, as well as law enforcement agencies. In the mobile version of the GTA V too, you will have all the weapons.

The regular or official version though requires real cash spending to get that armory. But, in the version provided on our platform. You will have all the armory accumulated under one floor, without spending a single penny.


Though I didn’t believe what the officials said, the graphics of the mobile version of the game will be as qualitative as the PC version. But, when I experienced them, it is amazing. You won’t notice the graphics until you explore the section named Graphics.

So from the graphics point of view, GTA V 2.0 is as outstanding as the PC version.

Unlimited Money:

If you have played the GTA V PC version you know that it’s not just weapons you need over there. You have to have vehicles, and bikes, buy groceries, fancy clothes, and fancy guns. And this all comes at a price, you pay real money to get all of it. But, with GTA V 2.0 APK, you get unlimited money. And from that money without spending the real money, you can have it all.


Maps were one of the essential parts of the PC version of GTA V. Here too, you are provided with multiple maps to explore, and due to this reason. The overall size of the game is enlarged. You have to spend a big storage space, to get the game fully installed. But that spend is going to be worth a lot.

Our Review on GTA 5 2.0:

Whenever we heard of GTA, it reminds us of our childhood when we love to play the offline and old versions of GTA with our friends. It was one of our favourite games after Project IGI. It has amazing graphics and next-level UI. This version of the game has many interesting features and one of our favourite features is the unlimited money. You can download it for free from this website and enjoy this game for free. However, this is a third-party app, so it has some issues with privacy. So, to use this kind of amazing third-party game, you need to take safety precautions before installing the app.


If you were a big fan of GTA V, but you can’t play it because it was available on PC only. Here with GTA V 2.0 APK, we provide you with the chance to live your old memories once again. You can play just like a PC. And explore anything without any restriction or sub-standard quality of graphics or maps.

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