Free Fire Advance Server APK Download OB44 2024 for Android

v3 (OB44)
Garena Free Fire Advance Server MOD APK has many interesting hack features along with upcoming features in the new update.
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Gringo XP
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v3 (OB44)
Android 5 and Above
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There is always a big demand for games’ advanced server apps. Many Free Fire lovers also requested us to provide a good app that supports advanced servers and the upcoming OB44. So, here we are with an amazing app named Free Fire Advance Server APK developed by the renowned Gringo XP.
Combat games are popular among children and adults. Who does know Garena Free Fire is among the top combat games in the world? The gameplay is quite similar to PUBG Mobile, but the graphics and controls are much improved. To win the game, gamers need to have full control, or advanced opponents will defeat them.

Garena Free Fire Advance Server APK New Launch Screen

Do you like to play video games? How experienced are you in games? Are you looking to create something different from what you’re playing? So, we got you a Free Fire Advance Server APK! It provides the next-level experience that every gamer needs! All struggling players can also play really well with this app. This is a whole pack of tips and tricks to defeat bloodthirsty enemies. The game is designed in such a way that all fires can play it. This app is new in town, and we are here to give you a detailed review! The game is laced with numerous premium features that players need to win on the battlefield.

What is Free Fire Advance Server?

It is an Android app that gives you complete freedom on the battlefield of Garena Free Fire because you can access almost all items of Garena Free Fire. The app is purposefully designed to kill enemies on the battlefield and make you the only survivor.

This is an exciting opportunity for those who want to play Garena Free Fire. Players can get exciting features and everything from the FF Advance Server that can make gameplay more exciting. You can advance in the game by gaining scores and harnessing killing fighting skills. The app supports an anti-ban feature that provides extra security for players. Because of this, security teams can’t ban this app. Noobs can have complete freedom to enjoy gaming with lots of tricks and tips. 

Features of Garena Free Fire Advance Server APK:

The Free Fire Advance Server Mod is popular for its capabilities and huge features. Its profitable features are attracting players in large numbers. Keep reading to learn more about those features. 

Aimbot Menu:

Every gamer wants to bite their enemies accurately. Only their existence led them to achieve that much accuracy. However, players can achieve it with this feature. This critical menu helps players target enemies accurately. This menu boasts amazing features that enhance shooting skills in a short period. Various features in the menu include aim-lock, auto-aim, headshots, etc. 

More Speed:

Accuracy is hardly achievable without speed. If you aim for something but lack speech, you’re most likely to miss that target. The speedier your skills become, the more likely you’re going to kill your enemies with utmost accuracy. Free Fire Advance Server Mod Menu gives you the freedom to get faster and finish more enemies. 

ESP Tricks:

Surveillance of your enemies gives you great chances to finish them before their onslaught. Good games carry the best surveillance stuff. Thanks to ESP tricks, you can make this happen. You can see through walls and the ground and get aware of your enemies’ movements. It contains many popular tricks, including ESP line, ESP alert, and ESP distance.

Free Fire Advance Server’s Ghost Mode:

As a gamer enables this feature, he becomes invisible to his enemies. Now he can chase enemies unrestricted. You get extreme skills to defeat your enemy quickly.

Rain of Bullets:

Rain of bullets is the rarest feature available in most apps. It allows players to kill as many enemies as possible in a short period.

Medkit Run:

Gamers can reach Medkit Run to gain health points. Moreover, you can also run while refuelling your health with a Medkit or health pack. It will help you reach your destination along with a boost in your health status.

Free of Charge:

The FF Advance Server Mod Menu APK is completely free to use. They won’t disappoint you by asking for money for any feature. Moreover, you can also avail of upcoming features without any trouble.

Floating Mod Menu:

All the features of the app are available in the floating menu. You can open the app and the list of features will appear on your screen and you can select your required features without exiting or minimizing the Free Fire.

Free Fire Advance Server’s Benefits and Drawbacks:

There are many benefits of using the Free Fire Advance Server App. However, we will not recommend it for beginners because it will be very hard for you to play on this server because most of the time pro players are here. So, if you are a pro you can register for Advance Server OB44 from Garena’s Official Website. After that download the app we have provided which will help you in the gameplay by providing you health, aimbot, run and other features for free. Moreover, its benefit is that if you find any bug in the app then you get gifts from the game owner.

The only drawback it has is that beginner players can not play on this server because it is very hard and you will be knocked very easily with this server. So, new players should stay away from the Advance Server OB44.

FF Advance Server Mod Menu Password:

You need a password to access this amazing app. So, for your convenience, we have given the password below. Just copy and paste the key as it is to the mod menu to make it work properly.

Final Thoughts:

Free Fire Advance Server APK is a popular app in the gaming community for its amazing features. This app has everything to enable players to give tough competition to their opponents. Now, noobs can also learn much in a short period using this app.

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