Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK (Unlimited Everything) for Android

v 1.7.33
Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK is a great mod app of BombSquad that let you get unlimited money and tickets, unlocked characters, and one hit kill features.
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Bomb Squad
62 MB
v 1.7.33
Android 5 and Above
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There is a famous saying in wars, “kill or get yourself killed”. If you have to translate that quote into a game, that would be Bomb Squad APK. Here you earn by bombing others, hold on, don’t get yourself bombed, others are there to win too. If you feel bored or anything like that playing the original version, go with Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK. The modded version explores new possibilities and allows players to go through exciting features and premium things that the original version lacks.

It has been around 10 years since the first version of the Bomb Squad hit the gaming world. Ever since the game has seen exciting breakthroughs to make this game as challenging as it is now. The one-liner of the game is simple, go kill or get yourself killed. You earn by killing others, most importantly, there are no hard-set rules, and the rules are announced before the start of a new level.

What is Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK?

Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK is an interesting game where you earn and win by eliminating other players. The game allows you to pick the type of weapon and bombs to attack your enemy. By killing others you rank up your level and earn points by spending the points you unlock premium features, like characters, maps, range of weapons, and like that.

What if you couldn’t level up your game by killing enemies and earning? Obviously, you will be at the same level for days. Don’t worry, there comes the modded version, BombSquad Mod Menu APK that provides premium features. The modded version allows players to level up the game, and kill more enemies by throwing upgraded weapons and bombs.

Features of Bomb Squad God Mod Menu:

You will agree that even if you don’t go with the modded version there is more than enough to explore. At least to the level that you will not feel bored. Like it has tons of mini-games, like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Bomber Hockey, and many others.

But, the freedom, a modded version provides, an original version can’t. These are some exciting features Bomb Squad God Mod APK offers:


No doubt, customization permission raises the bar higher for other similar concept games. But there are very few that let players set the environment the way they like. You can customize not only the backgrounds, and soundtracks but everything according to your gameplay. Customize to give your gameplay a unique look, and stands out in the crowd.

Multiplayer Mode:

The game offers you to invite your friends to join the party. Just tap on the invite players, and there you are with your friends added to double up the craze.

Unlocked range of Bombs:

For a new player, Bomb Squad provides a relatively basic range of bombs and ammunition. But with the modded version, the range of bombs you throw at your opponent is huge. The game allows ice bombs, TNT, sticky bombs, land mines, boxing gloves, and many more others the original version lacks.

Bomb Squad God Mod has no Ads:

Ads are one of the most frustrating things one can come across while playing a nail-biting game. Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK took the attention of users because of its premium features. While playing the game, you won’t see any ads at all. Play for hours, undisturbed.

Unlocked Premium Features:

Above all, the game unlocks premium features. The features that you access only either you earn or buy. Here, without spending a single dime, and without spending time playing this game all the time. You get access to those premium features, unlocked features. Get unlimited money, and never run out of money to buy anything in the game.

Other features BombSquad Mod Menu offers:

  • You can get unlimited health.
  • Unlock all the characters.
  • It has unlimited tickets.
  • It also offers a one-hit-kill mode.
  • Moreover, also get unlimited money and buy whatever you want.

Final thoughts:

Bomb Squad is a spine-chilling game. Where you throw bombs on other players to earn points in the game or indulge in several other mini-games. However, the modded version (Bomb Squad Mod Menu APK) is full of life. It allows you to get your hands on the exciting features that the original game can’t. Enjoy unlimited money, unlocked weapons, level up your game, and much more. If you are a fan of Dude Theft Wars then we have uploaded a mod with the name Dude Theft Mod Menu on this website. You can download and test that one as well.

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