Black Hole Music APK Download Latest v1.15.8 for Android

v 1.15.8
BlackHole Music App is a music streaming app with lots of local, national and international songs.
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BlackHole Music
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v 1.15.8
Android 5 and Above
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You are a music Freak, right? What do you use to listen to your favourite song, Spotify, JioSaavan, Resso, or YouTube Music? But the thing is, Spotify is full of ads, YouTube Music is not available in many Asian countries, and JioSaavan or Resso does not let you download music. Let me introduce you to a one-stop shop for music lovers; Black Hole Music APK.

This music app incorporates all the positive features of the above-mentioned leading music apps and removes all the negative sides. To provide a super smooth music listening, plus downloading experience. And above all, no ads. Yes, you won’t see any ads over there, unlike these leading music apps.

What is Black Hole Music APK?

Black Hole Music APK is an exclusive music application that joins all the features of the top leading music application. It lets you listen t your favourite song, download the song, import song libraries from other platforms, and that all without showing a single ad. The app seems like magic, or charm to music lovers, enjoy as much as you can and listen to your favourite song anywhere you like.

It’s not just a music streaming application. The app also categorizes classic songs, trending songs, pop songs, and other categories. So if you love to listen to the old classic song, you can do it for sure. Just click on the tab, and there would be songs of your choice.

Features of Black Hole Music App:

I can assure you that you would fall in love with the app. It is such a beautifully designed and developed app that it makes it a breeze to find anything. There are categories given, to search song of your choice. It allows downloading and streaming right from the app.

Import Music Files:

In case you were active on a music app, and had a list of your favorite song. You won’t lose a thing even if you leave the platform. Just export the music file from that platform, and import them over Black Hole Music App. It can be from Spotify, JioSaavan, and other platforms.

Plus, if you have download songs, this app can be used as a player. Import songs from your library over the app, and start streaming offline.

Download Music Files:

You see the top music platforms don’t let you download music files for their reasons. But, the Black Hole Music app, provides you that chance. You can search for any song, and if you like, download it for later times, when you are offline.

No ads Policy:

One of the finest things the app developers adopted as a policy is the no ads policy. You won’t see a single text ad, music-indulged ad, or any pop-up ad. It’s a completely ad-free platform, just for music lovers. So feel free to get indulged in the nostalgia, without any advertisement disrupting your experience.

Seamless Interface:

It seems like a team of experienced designers was hired for the UI design of the app. The app showcases one of the finest UI designs that make the look catchy. The UI design also makes sure that users could find anything they like.

Music Categories:

The app, it’s not just a streaming platform, it categorizes top music released in the week. Plus, it has made categories of the songs like pop music, classic, Bollywood songs, and 90s, 80s, 70s, and 60s songs. So just tap on any of the categories to expand and explore the songs enlisted.

Music Across the Border:

It’s not just for Hindi Music. You can listen to your favourite Bangla singer, Telugu songs, Hiryani Songs, Punjabi, Pashto, and many others.

Our Experience with Black Hole Music App:

We all love to listen to music and nowadays every event is incomplete without music. We are also music lovers and searched for an app that gives us the latest music tracks without lots of Ads. After lots of research, we have found the Black Hole Music APK for Android devices that provide all the facilities we dreamed about. This app is the best option for users like you and me and it has local as well as international music. The good thing about this app is that it works without disturbing ads and premium subscriptions. Personally, I am very satisfied with the app and would like to recommend it to all of you. If you also need a good app for video editing then you can try the Capcut Mod APK which has many premium features for free.


Black Hole Music APK is one of the finest music apps you can ever get your hands on. This app gathers songs of different genres, languages, and the category under one floor. And lets its user explore the songs. This all comes without paying a single penny, plus viewing no ads.

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