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Animash is a mobile game where you can create new animals by merging others.
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Abstract Software Inc.
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Games are all about new experiences. The influx of fighting and shooting games left no space for the creational or educational or, you can say, interesting games like Animash APK. Animation is an interesting idea: combining two different animals and seeing what comes out of that infusion. This infusion is not just about the animal’s appearance or body parts. It’s about the complete infusion. Like, the common traits, features and powers.

Let unleash your inner creativity, and combine as many animals as you like. Behold what comes next; use your wild imagination, give them the power of thought, and see what you can create. It’s not about creating an animal that doesn’t move, eat or bread. It is a full-grown animal with mixed properties of its parent animals.

What is Animash APK?

Animash is an interesting animal game where the player mixes two animals, and AI creates a new animal. Like, there are hundreds and thousands of animals listed in the game. You can pick any of the two, mix them, and a new animal will exist. The new animal will have the common traits of both parent animals, including the body parts, powers, characteristics and even look.

Even if you are taking time to pick two animals and their merger, you will see in every three hours, a new merger will appear in your app. This merger will be automatic to encourage you to merge more and more.

Features of the Animash APK:

Animash is not a game; it’s a great idea. It’s an idea of what happens if two animals are merged not only physically, like the body parts but also the powers and other characteristics. You will experience this in the game; let’ see what the game offers.

Animal Merger:

It’s the entire concept. Merging from thousands of animals. There are thousands of animals listed. You can pick any of the two and merge them. It’s the game’s AI that will give new animals a look. It will share the features, as well as the characteristics of the parent animals. With that, you can use your imagination, take your imagination to work, and merge as many animals as you like. See what you can merge; maybe you know about an animal. See how it can exist through its look, appearance, size, and powers.

New merged Animal Pop-up:

Every 3-hours, a new merged animal pop up. That will infuse a thrill within you and make you take decisions and engage in the merger process.

Unique animals:

The Animash APK is about creating new animals with unique appearances and characteristics. Here, people use their imagination and bring into existence new unique animals. You can merge animals like cats and dogs to see what comes into existence.

Simple Interface:

The thing I liked the most about Animash is its simplicity. Its interface is simple and easy to navigate; you can find anything you like or explore. Even if you don’t play games a lot, the game interface is self-explanatory; you don’t have to research to play the game.

Fused animal world:

And to take just an idea of how the fused animals look like, you have a dedicated area. In that category, you can check all the fused animals and see how they look, just to take an idea about that.

Our Review on Animash APK:

Animash APK is a great app for users who want to play animal games. This game has many pros that hide the cons of the game. For example, the graphics of this game are amazing. Moreover, the gameplay is smooth and supported by low-end devices as well. There are more unique animal characters which you can merge and even make a new animal. This app has everything you need but many of the features are premium or you need money to unlock all features. This is one of the drawbacks of this game. However, if you want to unlock the features you can use a modified version of this game. Overall the game is worth testing. If you love to play MOBA games then you can use FF MAX APK.


I am against shooting and fighting games where you kill every second. They infuse anger and have an impact on the personality itself. Rather than playing those games, people should revert to the games like Animash.

The game infuses creativity in you and helps you use that creativity to build something out of this world. You can pick two animals from the animal kingdom and get a merger.

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