Abdillah Modz ML APK v2.6 Download Updated App for Android

v 2.6
Download the latest version of Abdillah Modz MLBB APK and get free cheats of Mobile Legends skins, drone views, effects and more for free.
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Abdillah Modz
124 MB
v 2.6
Android 5 and Above
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Do you lack pro skills to play the Mobile Legends Bang Bang? If yes, then you can’t survive long in the deadly battles. Expert players will knock you out of the competition. For this, you have to earn expertise & premium elements for successful gaming. Here, I want to tell you about Abdillah Modz, a revised edition of the MLBB gameplay. Fans are using this alternative as it fills all their shortcomings at no cost. Hence, they prefer this mod instead of buying costly in-game features.

Abdillah Modz Mobile Legends – Overiew:

All ESPs, drone hacks, player skills, battle hacks & plenty of freebies are enjoyable. It seems the developer is working passionately to establish this mod menu. The primary game is as such. He adds only the premium stuff. Indeed, you can access these mind-blowing features through a floating window inside the game. Besides it, A4 Modz also amuses ML maniacs via its fab freebies. You are free to download these free modified editions from this platform. Then, enjoy yourself.

Key Features of Abdillah Modz MLBB:

Now, we gamers know about the cracked or modified versions of online games. Developers make these replicas to break the restriction of limited gaming items. They want to utilize expensive materials without paying a single penny. It is not fair, but they still do it frequently. Today’s app contains the following freebies.

Menu ESP

  • ESP Player Line, Box, Player Round, Line Size, Line Color
  • Show Enemy Health, Distance, Cooldown, Hero Name
  • Player Name, 360 Distance, 360 Alert, Player Health

Aimbot Menu

  • Auto Aim Lock, Range FOV, Target Priority; Closet Distance, Lowest HP

Menu Hack

  • Show Enemy Icon Map, Enemy Bar-Info, Room Info
  • Unlock All Skin, No Cooldown, Radar Map No Icon

Menu Camera

  • Auto Drone 2x, 4x, Drone Horizontal: 0 – 30, Drone Vertical: 0 – 30

Frame Rates

  • 30, 60, 90, 120 FPS

You can observe this list has a few revisions. The owner brings the new & improved version of the app. Therefore, it is more effective & fruitful. New gamers even can’t imagine these luxuries. One has to spend a lot of diamonds & cash to achieve these comforts. Only legendary & older players possess such attributes.

Pros & Cons of Using Abdillah Modz:

Experts are well familiar with the advantages of ML Mods. Verily, such versions let you enjoy the game deeply. It is because of the unlimited premium features. Also, the chances of winning a match are higher in this case. Both new & old players can dive into a full modish game. However, Moonton is not in favour of such unofficial techniques. They encourage gamers for official & legal habits. If they find someone cheating in an online ML game, they ultimately block those IDs. So, it is the main disadvantage.


Officials are making consecutive changes in the Mobile Legends gameplay. They aim to provide gamers with the best experience. At the same time, it also makes MLBB a tricky & challenging battle arena. As a result, gamers tend to search for hacks. It is no more unfair in their views. Abdillah Modz is for those enthusiasts. Thus, I jot down all the necessary information about this modified & easy game. Users share their experiences. So, it is better for newcomers. Are you in love with this mod? Download & install it now.

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